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Our Educational Philosophy

Exploring Education is the key to expanding children's minds. At Delphi Community School Corporation, we understand this concept and encourage student exploration.

From grades Pre-K-12, the teachers and staff at each of the schools design curriculum and activities that will help develop children who are confident, exposed to a variety of experiences, and engaged in continuous learning of some kind. One of the first ways we do this is by understanding that student needs and learning levels vary among children - we must meet them at their level and build from there. This is why we are using Guided Reading and Accelerated Math Programs at the Delphi Community Elementary School and the Delphi Community Middle School. Given the diversity of student backgrounds and needs, it is imperative that we have comprehensive programs and services that help the total student.

Helping students succeed at academics is not our sole focus. We want to help them discover their interests and develop a sense of belonging. This is achieved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, exploratory opportunities, and community service. Experiences such as these will help them grow, not only into good students, but also good citizens who care about their community.

The best way we can teach our children the values they will need tomorrow is by modeling these values today. At Delphi Community School Corporation, we are committed to creating a caring, learning environment while exemplifying values such as trust, leadership, and respect.