What's Happening

Congratulations to Coach Strasser and the Oracle football team for winning a Colts convocation.  Their blood drive this summer had the most participants in the entire state with 98 donors!!!  They were paid a visit by Colts cheerleaders and the Lombardi trophy!

Colts pep session

Superintendent's Message    

    Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Greg Briles, and I am the new superintendent of Delphi Community School Corporation.  During my short time at Delphi so far, I have been impressed by the commitment to excellence and all the exciting things happening in our schools.
    There are numerous opportunities for students to pursue academic excellence in Delphi Community School Corporation.  Students are utilizing technology to pursue their academic goals and preparing for the rapidly changing modern world.  Not only do our students pursue academic excellence, they are also reaching out to help their community through service projects and volunteering.  
    Educating the children and young people of our community is an effort of our schools, parents and community.  Numerous businesses, service clubs/organizations, employees, parents, and individual patrons provide support in many ways for our students and our activities.  The strong community support is greatly appreciated and helps foster student success in many different areas.
    I am excited to begin my new position at Delphi Community School Corporation.  Let's make the remainder of the 2015-16 school year a great year!                         


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