Delay and Closing Information

Delay and Closing Information

A school delay may be called due to inclement weather, including fog.  The media will be notified upon cancellation.  WLFI-TV, Channel 18 (CBS) Lafayette seems to run the cancellation at the bottom of the TV screen within minutes after it is submitted.

The following radio stations will also air announcements:

WKHY FM 93.5 and FM 102.9
WMRS FM 107.7
WASK AM 1450, FM 105.3
WAZY FM 96.5

Television Stations:
WRTV Channel 6
WTHR Channel 13

You are encouraged to take the time to talk to your child concerning where to go in case of school being dismissed early.  School Messenger is utilized to send phone messages to parents to notify them of this change.  Parents, please make sure that the school has current phone numbers so you can be contacted by School Messenger.

High School - 2 Hour Delay Schedule

Period 1  10:00-10:55  
Period 2 11:00-12:35  
  A class   11:00-11:30/class 11:35-12:35 
  B class   11:00-11:30/lunch 11:30-12:00/class 12:05-12:35
  C class   11:00-12:00/lunch 12:05-12:35
SRT 4 
Period 3 1:05-2:05  
Period 5